Established in 1999, Absolut Lush and absolutlush are my call signs for various platforms and a multitude of games. You can find me on Steam, Xbox Live, raptr, xfire, WoW, and Eve Online.

I play across many gaming platforms, having recently reduced the list to pc and Xbox 360 for convenience. I also game in many genres, initially learning how to use a mouse to look on Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, spending 4+ hour marathons with Funiculus in Starcraft and then discovering the wonders of RPGs such as Icewind Dale and Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Video gaming is not my only form of entertainment. I also have some Dungeons and Dragons groups I have played with. I also play D&D minis and Axis and Allies minis with Funiculus and others out his way. I am a fan of strategy, board, and card games despite having a poor win-to-loss ratio. I own, and play regularly, Munchkins, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and many of the traditional games such as Uno, Euchre, Pitch, and Risk.

My philosophy when gaming is fun above all else... it is more like a code.