A simpler iTunes 2330 Error Resolution

I attempted to start up iTunes tonight and suddenly Windows was trying to configure it. I assumed the upgrade I recently performed had some other items to install after I finally restarted my pc. Then the process stopped and gave me an error code of 2330 with the following message:

“An error occurred while attempting to create the directory:C:\Program Files\iTunes.Resources\en_GB.Iproj.iPhone Prefs.nib”

First thought was to click a different icon since I have one in quick launch and one pinned to my start menu. Neither worked and there was no “run as” option for either. I googled for solutions and saw various suggestions from uninstalling to registry cleaners. Apple’s knowledge base has no information that I could find by searching on the error code. though in the forums they were happy to suggest a manual deletion of the iTunes program file folder and/or registry manipulation. This typically does not work out well since a manual deletion leaves many files laying around in the Windows folder and of course orphaned registry keys. A registry key manipulation should never be attempted by anyone unless they know what they are doing, without reading it off of the internet.

I remembered that with every new version of iTunes my shortcuts are always messed up. I deleted both, went into c:\program files\iTunes and just created new shortcuts from the iTunes.exe file. This immediately solved the problem. So before you go crazy with uninstalls, deletes and registry key manipulation: Remember, not everything is as sinister or difficult to overcome as google would have you believe. Try the simple things first.

[Trying to solve the elusive ID-10-T error]

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A lot has happened since the first post a few months ago. I upgraded WordPress only to have it give me 500 errors (the system is down). GoDaddy.com showed no errors and so I messed around with the account. I forgot about it as life and work interferred and took a peek today. There was a notice that the WordPress upgrade failed so I performed a rollback, then re-upgraded. As you can tell things are back up and running with a little help from StrongBad.

I still have to finish the left hand menu configuration, and the calendar on the social page, then the site is in a decent spot. This blog will be about gaming of all forms, database and software discussions, with occasional life observations. Enjoy!

[Coo Coo Ca Choo I am the Walrus]

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absolutlush.com up and running

After a few false starts, and one horrible crash and burn, absolutlush.com is up and running.

I have a few items left to work on, such as configuring WordPress to be more than just the style sheet. There are a few more pages I would like to add to the main site. Finally, the usual laundry list of minor tweaks such as making the calendar dynamic but it’s been years since I used php so I need a few weeks to teach myself again.

This being my first WordPress site there was a bit of a learning process involved. One of the most helpful items with getting this WordPress up and running was an article at moshublog.com titled “Integrating WP in an existing site.” Right now I have the WP to Twitter plugin installed and am looking through the very large list of other plugins.

Be patient with me over the next few weeks as I finish the rest of the work and figure out how best to tweak the site. Eventually I will get blog comments up and running after the site is set.

Thanks to steelvalor for looking at my site template.

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