Unfinished Business

I know I have the skills to write some awesome web applications and sites. I know I can do it. I just do not know why I never get much further than the design and database architecture. I have three projects I am juggling right now in an attempt to not do each one. A fourth one that a friend was going to commission me to do over a year ago and I just totally failed at it. Mathematically I have the time, well more so now than over the last 12 months with the wedding planning, and crazy stuff going on at work. So now to commit to finishing pet projects that I start.

1: Write a storefront web application that uses entity framework and Microsoft’s BI Suite
2: Rebuild my website using either Google’s or Twitter’s bootstrap
3: Finish painting my Warhammer 40K army
4: Write a Axis and Allies miniature review every week and two articles a month for dicecommander.com

WIP of Pyrrhian Eternals that accompany Anrrakhar

WIP of Pyrrhian Eternals that accompany Anrakyar

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