Behold! I Have the Power!!

Life moves so inexplicably awkwardly that even just going for the ride will knock you on your backside and you get a black eye, a lollipop and a circus monkey out of the whole deal. I am ignoring my own advice regarding World of Warcraft, my XBL account is getting cold sitting downstairs, and I haven’t upgraded my computer in a few years!

I admit I have been an advocate against World of Warcraft and it’s addicting gameplay. I’ve taken up other MMORPGs such as Eve-Online, RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls Series, and buried myself in Xbox 360 FPS’ to counter that siren song. I finally gave into Rockstar11’s pleadings before Thanksgiving of 2010 and did the trial period for WoW. I was right that game is incredibly addicting… and well thought out, immersive, fun, and exciting. I play on a PvP server that leans toward the Horde and as an Alliance member I always have that nagging fear in the back of my head of being killed by a roving Horde member which adds another dimension to the “typical grinding.” I broke down and bought the battle chest (thank you Black Friday sale at Best Buy) and within one month I was level 40 without power leveling, just enjoying the story lines.

So despite my previous rants against World of Warcraft I have to say give this game a try especially now with the new expansion release breathing life back into the story lines. But I warn you to know your weaknesses before you play. The professions play to the compulsive personalities as does collecting the armor sets from dungeons. The achievements (and again armor sets) play to completionist or perfectionist personalities, or as we are called on XBL “Achievement Whores.” Guilds of course add a whole social network within the game which has it’s high points but adds peer pressure when it comes to raids and other guild activities. The PvP aspect available on some servers play to the protector/attacker personalities and build rivalries among players. Know your weaknesses, your limits and do not be afraid to use the timer that is built into the game, it might save you from an unhealthy gaming addiction.

On BulletProof Radio’s Facebook page there was discussion about 3D games and the feasibility of the technology in today’s gaming market. Steelvalor had an excellent point when he pointed out that with a lazy eye it ruins the ability for the 3D technology to work. This got me wondering if there are any laws regarding 3D technology and the American with Disabilities Act. I asked the podcast team to look into it. If they find any information I’ll update this blog with what they find.

~Absolut Lush
[Why is the monkey carrying a Flugelhorn?]

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