A Grave Nerd Injustice

It seems that there was recent shenanigans in a very serious election. Gamespot is currently running a battle for All Time Greatest Game Villain and a recent battle pitted General RAAM from Gears of War vs Dr. Breen. Now to recap each opponent in this battle:

General RAAM (pronounced RAH-M) was the locust General in Gears of War forced the Alpha and Delta squads to retreat into the tomb of unknowns during the Lightmass Offensive. He then was able to find the location of the Lightmass bomb and took control of Tycho Pillar. He ultimately failed to guard the bomb from Dom and Marcus.

Dr. Breen was the administrator of Black Mesa during “The Incident” (Half Life 1). He negotiated a peace during the 7 hour war that enslaved the entire human race and was consequently assigned to be the puppet ruler of Earth. He actively pursues the resistance and alerts the Combine to Freeman’s presence. His voice and face are seen throughout the entire world (most notably in the city 17 levels)

Now back to the injustice. On one hand you have RAAM a brutal foe for any battle, who is seeking the destruction of humanity, and is a leader of armies, though he has a long track history of failure. And the other hand is a pawn of an alien race, who brokered the deal that enslaved humanity. In terms of scary dudes RAAM most certainly has it in spades, he wields a machine gun one handed that is normally mounted. But in terms of villainy selling out your species, putting them into slavery, using energy fields to prevent reproduction, while the aliens are draining out the oceans for minerals back on their home world.

So based on the above research and information it would seem clear that Dr. Breen should have won the battle for the Greater Villian. Not so. Somehow RAAM got 1000 votes in one day! Want to know how? Rig the election. Epic Games promised 30xp if RAAM beat out Breen. Wow, that is quite low. Also, they have promised Gears of War 3 if RAAM wins all time villain because they obviously wouldn’t make another installment in a cash-cow franchise like that.

As part of my nerd-rage I will not be buying anything from Epic Games for a long while (or until I forget) and will definitely be voting against RAAM in the next battle which is against Vader. (I’m not sure if he counts as a Game Villain since he is taken from a movie franchise.)

See the Breen vs RAAM battle here. See the Vader vs RAAM battle here. Kerrigan vs Joker is also on here.

More on RAAM at Wikipedia. More on Dr. Breen at Wikipedia.

~Absolut Lush
[I rage therefore I nerd]

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