Pushing Your Boundaries

I had considered myself a decently well read person, but as I look through the various books being suggested by Nerd Fighters I realize that I am afraid to step outside the walls I have erected with my comfortable, safe books. I had read science fiction and fantasy for many years, shunning modern fiction until one of my grandmothers bought me Rising Sun by Michael Crichton (she also did not know it was a little risque for a 12 year old). From there I began to delve into his other works and then a few birthdays later my grandmother forgot to find out what author I was reading and bought me The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follett. Now I have a large collection of Modern Fiction added to my literature pile including authors such as James Rollins, Greg Iles, Clive Clussler, and the previously mentioned authors to name the largest groupings.

A trick I found for expanding the list of authors I read is to go to Barnes and Noble or another bookstore and just buy a handful of the clearance books. If I hate the book I have only spent $5 and the financial pain is taken out of the equation. This method though has introduced me to Labyrinth and Sepulchre by Kate Mosse. Also, by this method I am more inclined to loan a book and not worry if it happens to not come back to me. Clive Clusser was originally a loan from an coworker. David Balducci was a gift from a friend’s very, very odd aunt. But it seems I still stay within a relatively safe confine of book genres. Well no more I say, or type. I have my whole life ahead of me and a world of books to explore while I still can see

It seems that sometimes the accidental gift of reading is the best gift there is.

~Absolut Lush

AiaAD [Awesome is as Awesome Does]

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